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Welcome to Grub Geek. If you’re a fellow lover of food and cooking, we hope you will take a look around!

About Michelle:


Hello there! I’m Michelle Pegram, the owner and author of Grub Geek and Smart Savvy Living. I’m 27-years-old and live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. I was born and raised in the Piedmont area of North Carolina where I became infatuated with food and cooking at an early age as almost any occasion is celebrated or mourned with a selection of homemade dishes in the south.

While I still have a special place in my heart for southern cuisine, today I love cooking a variety of dishes. I so enjoy cooking meals and can be found in the kitchen almost daily trying out something new for dinner, but baking is my true love. Some may cringe at the idea, but I truly find it relaxing and soothing for the soul.

I’m an entirely self-taught cook, never having taken any classes. While I have gotten some tips and tricks along the way from family and friends, most of my knowledge is from cookbooks, cooking shows, the internet and one of my favorite sayings – “What’s the worst that could happen?” I’ve always had a natural confidence in the kitchen that I hope I can pass onto you!

When I’m not in the kitchen or blogging, I enjoy playing with our cats, gardening, reading, watching TV and movies, drooling over new tech and gadgets, improving my photography and procrastinating cleaning the kitchen.

About Grub Geek:


I first came across cooking and food blogs about 5 years ago – in 2008 or so, and immediately fell in love with the idea, which is probably why I have over 100 food blogs in my RSS reader. 😉 Fast forward to 2011, where I started what is now Smart Savvy Living, a lifestyle blog with a focus on ways to live smarter and savvier. Over the past couple years I have absolutely fell in love with blogging, and while I do feature recipes twice a week on Smart Savvy Living, I wanted more since cooking is pretty much my favorite hobby.

So, in June 2013 I decided to start building this blog, Grub Geek, to share my favorite recipes, etc. I truly believe that cooking should be fun and enjoyable and that with a well-written recipe with good directions and quality ingredients anyone can cook a delicious meal. All recipes on Grub Greek are have been developed by myself or the boyfriend unless otherwise noted and are tried and true by the boyfriend and me, and sometimes even the cats.

I do like to cook mostly from scratch with fresh ingredients as I believe it is both healthier and tastes better. However, it’s not always practical nor convenient to cook this way every day, so some recipes will feature a cake mix, canned soup or the like. I’m a firm believer in traveling over the dark side to really enjoy life now and then, especially if it involves Golden Oreos. 😉

Why grub geek? I’m a fan of silly catchy names and often call food grub. I also tend to “geek out” over food, recipes, cooking, kitchens and the like, so Grub Geek was a natural fit. Here at Grub Geek you’ll find daily recipes, tips, food and cooking product reviews, the occasional giveaway of my favorite kitchen items and maybe eventually how food blogging is working out for me.

I hope you’ll stick around and geek out over food with me!

Connect with Grub Geek and Michelle:


If you’re interested in working with Michelle or having your brand featured on Grub Geek, please visit our Advertising Page.

Michelle can be reached via email at GrubGeekBlog@gmail.com.

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