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After-Pur-MineralsThank you for your interest in partnering with Michelle and Grub Geek. Please send all pitches to

Grub Geek is a food blog that features daily recipes, cooking tips, food and kitchen product reviews and giveaways. While Grub Geek is a fairly new site, Michelle has extensive experience working with brands for 2+ years at Smart Savvy Living.

Grub Geek is authored by Michelle Pegram, a writer and mom to 4 cats residing in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia (Newport News). You can read more about Michelle and Grub Geek here.

Michelle enjoys engaging her readers through personal stories, her own photographs and honest experiences. At this time on Grub Geek we request to only work with brands and products that are food, cooking and/or kitchen related. If you have an inquiry about another type of product, please visit us at Smart Savvy Living.

Here are some of the ways we’re happy to discuss working together:


Sponsored Conversation: A sponsored conversation is a paid post written by me that is 300+ words talking about the desired brand/topic from a personal point of view.

Recipe Creation: If you’d like to supply at least $50 in your food, product, etc. and/or compensation to buy the ingredients, I am happy to create a tried and true recipe using your product, gadget, etc. Please note that all recipes and photos remain my property unless discussed otherwise.

Product Review with Optional Giveaway: I love trying new products and am happy to review a variety of food products, appliances, gadgets, cookbooks, etc. I pride myself in taking the time to thoroughly review any items including my own photographs, so I do request a $50 minimum in product and/or compensation, with the exception of cookbooks, that will not be returned. Please see my review and giveaway policies for more information.

Ad Placements: I’m happy to introduce your brand to my readers through ads placed on the sidebar or footer. You must supply all graphics. Price will vary with ad size and length of placement.

Brand Ambassador: If you’re looking for a blogger to represent your brand, I am happy to consider being an ambassador for your brand through a series of blog posts and social media interactions.

Twitter Parties: I love using Twitter and would love to be a panelist in your Twitter parties to help increase your brands exposure.

Freelance Writing or Blogging: I am also happy to discuss writing projects outside of Grub Geek.

Not what you’re looking for? I’m always open to discussing new ideas!

Contact Michelle:

Thank you so much for your interest and consideration for partnering with Michelle and Grub Geek! Please send all ideas and pitches to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

All paid advertisements, whether paid with money, gift cards or product, will include no follow links as per Google’s terms of service to protect the integrity and SEO of both the brand and our own sites.

All sales are final and non-refundable. Payments are accepted via PayPal, gift cards and/or products, preferably prior to posting or within 48 hours of the post being published unless discussed otherwise. I reserve the right to pull any advertisements that do not meet this request or are altered from original agreements at any time until terms have been met. All content written, photographed or recorded by Michelle and/or Grub Geek remains the property of Michelle and/or Grub Greek and may not be reproduced without prior written consent.

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